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Pub Choir

Get ready to hit the high notes for a collaboration like no other! Four powerhouse organizations, Pub Choir, Dangerous Females, Shuturp, and Women's Legal Service, are joining forces for a "note"-worthy fundraising event that will leave you breathless and full of love.

Pub Choir, will have you singing your heart out with hundreds of strangers, creating a chorus of voices that will shake the heavens. Dangerous Females will add a fierce and empowering touch and our exciting Very *Limited Edition* Tee will be available to pre-order or to order on the night.

Shuturp jumped on board straight away to design this festive-fun tee, knowing that all profits were going to be donated.

Women’s Legal Service are the heart and soul of this collaboration, as we come together to raise funds and awareness for a cause that truly matters.

Together, we'll create a crescendo of change and hit the perfect harmony of making a difference. It's time to "scale" new heights in fundraising and reach a "chorus" of generosity like never before!

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