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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your t-shirts made? Are they ethical and sustainable?

Our t-shirts are made through T-Shirt Mill in Brisbane. T-Shirt Mill are committed to sustainable and forward-looking environmental practices and take their social responsibility seriously. Check ‘em out here:

How do you choose your charities?

Our first step when choosing our charities is to make sure they align with the Dangerous Females mission statement to provide funds for services that prevent incidents of and support women who are victims of abuse and violence.

All our charities are registered with the ACNC and we also take into account other factors like financial transparency and accountability to make sure your hard earned dollars are going to have the biggest impact.


Do you have approval to fundraise for the chosen charities?

As per Queensland fundraising law, we obtain written authority from all of the charities we fundraise for and comply with any conditions the charities set. If you want to be extra careful (we get it!) and would like some more info - email us at


Are you affiliated with any other organisation?

Dangerous Female is an independent collective run by a group of mates fed up with the incidents of men’s violence against women in this country. 


Why are you called ‘Dangerous Females’?

Too often, danger is a word used to restrict and silence women. We’re told to mind ourselves, that it’s too dangerous for us to be out at night, on our own, wearing that…But, statistics in this country also tell us that it can be very dangerous to be in our own homes. We call ourselves DANGEROUS FEMALES because we want to take back ownership of the word danger.

How can I get involved?

We love your enthusiasm! Buy our shirts, spread the word by sharing our content, come to our events and ‘Do something, don’t do nothing’

Why do you change up your charities?

We think it’s important to spread the love and shine a light on some of the smaller charities doing awesome work around Australia. We’ll always keep you up to date with the charity we’re currently fundraising for. If there’s a charity you think we should be supporting - let us know!

Can I host my own Dangerous Females Fundraiser?

We cherish this enthusiasm, and can use all the help we can get!

Please get in touch via email so we can discuss. We have some limitations because of the nature and sensitives around our cause, but the more help the better!

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