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Fundraising for Dangerous Females


Help raise money for Dangerous Females current Domestic Violence services by holding a fundraising event. 100% of the funds raised will be donated directly to services that support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Over the years some of our supporters have raised funds in the following ways: 

  • A café put out a tip jar and donated $1 of every coffee sale over a week 

  • A workplace held a morning tea with a gold coin entry 

  • A small business owner donated $1 from the sale of every sale over a month. 

  • A yoga instructor organised a small retreat and donated 100% from the day including snacks and a small amount of merch she had purchased for the day. 

Current Available Dangerous Females Positions

Dangerous Females is mostly volunteered based, so we don't have a budget for lots of the little things we believe could streamline and improve our business. We are always calling out for specific help in areas that are just too far outside our comfort zone, or too far inside the overwhelming zone!

All these roles / jobs are volunteer based, but we will thank you profusely on our socials so it could be a bit of buzz for your biz. 

  • Accountant - experience with charities will really come in handy!

  • Graphic Designer - we are a whizz with basic AF Canva, but if you think you could help with campaign themes and poster designs or even just a few GIPHs!

  • Website Designer - Hello! Have you seen this hodge podge mess!?

  • Unpaid Internship - Just let us get our heads around this first, but we think this could be a great opportunity for a university student, particularly in the PR, Event Planning space.

We're sure there's more, there's always more help required in in the volunteer capacity. 

Please email with the role as the subject. 

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