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About Dangerous Females

Dangerous Females is a collective of women fed up with the incidents of men’s violence against women in this country. We are united in a mission to raise awareness and much-needed funding for organisations dedicated to supporting victims of violence or abuse.


We call ourselves Dangerous Females because we want to take back ownership of the word danger. Too often, 'danger' is a word used to restrict and silence women. We’re told to mind ourselves, that it’s too dangerous for us to be out at night, on our own, wearing that… But, statistics in this country also tell us that it can be very dangerous to be in our own homes.


We are doing something because we can no longer do nothing, and while we may not solve this situation, we want to raise money for incredible organisations that support women to live a life free of violence. We believe we can inspire each other, look after each other, and give each other confidence to be heard.

In 2021 we became an official charity registered with the ACNC. 

Need support for domestic violence? 

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