Kate Luke Photography has been with us almost since the start of Dangerous Females. She provides her excellent skills every time we launch new products and we couldn't be happier she is on our team. 

Amiee Catt Photography is another wizard behind the camera who we were very lucky to recently work with. If you are looking for someone to shoot your wedding or get some family shots that look super cool and not at all cheesy then she is your girl. We should know, she took all of our family photos and we loved having her in our homes and on our Dangerous Females shoot. 


Sarah Smith from Make Me Over Artistry has kindly offered her magic make up skills at photoshoots to make our models feel their very best. 


Hosts: Stace McGregs and Brooke Falvry (Brisbane) and Alex Dyson and Amerberley Lobo (Melbourne)


Venues: CUPO (Brisbane) and Welcome to Thornbury (Melbourne)


Donations: Welcome to Thornbury, Obus, Mister Bui, Each to Own, Concrete Jellyfish, For the Love of Vintage, JS Personal Training, Jacqulanie Rogers, Redraku, The Good Things, Meg Makes, Natalie Jade, Hair by Jools, Kip and Co, Jericho Road Clothing, King and Godfree, Little Party Dress, Audeara Headphones, Picnic Season, Sage and Clare, Bon Maxi, Palace Cinema, Holey Moley, Montrachet, Ed Hope Hair, Allie Jeffris Wedding Celebrant, Ploughman’s Bar, TWOOBS, Just Cause Bunch, Imagination Games, Beatrix Bakes, Grace and Olive, Suburban Cellar Door, Impala Roller-skates, Immortal Gym Thornbury, Grotti Lotti, Alternative Women’s Fitness, Eve Studio.


Donators: Meg Makes, Bonmaxie, Jericho Road Clothing, Blue Beetle Co, Haus of dizzy, Kaiju candy, The Good Thing, Laura Blythman, Plainjane, Hello Robbo, Tuckshop knits, Coffee and Burritos, Heidi Helyard, Greedie bird, Fig and Fletcher, Kate Luke Photography, Indiffernt Avocardo, Zeynep Testoni, Sokoke Creative, Kathleen Benham, Emma Thomas Art, Owns it by Anna, Arch and Aya, The odd Space, Miley and Emma, Colours and honey, Darce sandals, Denz and co, Claire Ritchie Art, Karla Cola, Fussy Gus, The Unsual pear, Pretty Parcel, Kablooie store, Noosh jewellery, Cookies and Scream, Mox and Co, Poppy Lane Designs, OK dolls.


The following business have held fundraising events and donated the proceeds to be added to Dangerous Females fundraising totals:  


  • Shambhala Espresso

  • Hugs Café

  • Bedouin Brew Coffee Shop

  • Courtney Gaye Creative